Aditya Jha, Indo-Canadian Philanthropist


The South Asian Philanthropy Project has a feature post on Indo-Candadian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Aditya Jha. Mr. Jha founded and funded the POA Educational Foundation to support projects based on three values: the promotion of accessible and high-quality education, the nurturing of entrepreneurship, and the strengthening of global civil society and governance.

The POA Education Foundation has created four endowments ($815,000) at four institutions, granting thirteen scholarship awards ($40,000 annually). He has also supported projects in India and Nepal. He is currently working on an initiative with Non Resident Nepalese Association, Friends of Nepal and his Nepalese charitable organization, Knowledge Nepal 2020 to provide technology to students in Nepal.

Mr. Jha co-founded a software company, Isopia Inc., that was subsequently acquired by Sun Microsystems for $100 million. He then co-founded another company, Oselllus Inc., Canada and Osellus Asia Pacific Company Limited, Thailand. He is now President & CEO of Karma Candy, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Nepal Boss Magazine