Asian Philanthropy News Digest 02/18/2011

Jet Li’s One Foundation is now an independent, public, fundraising foundation. Previously the Foundation was largely affiliated with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. While the One Foundation can raise funds in Shenzhen, it cannot raise funds in other provinces. However, people can donate to the One Foundation online from other geographic areas. Shenzhen is China’s first special economic zone, a trial project started by the national government to advance the reform of the civil affairs system in July 2009. City authorities are allowed to approve the creation of public fund-raising foundations.

World Congress Muslim Philanthropists will convene in Dubai, UAE on March 23-24th. The theme “Defining the Roadmap for the Next Decade” will include dialogues around the potential roadmap for Muslim giving. The forum will also examine challenges unique to Muslim socieities, and offer options for managing them.

Admitting Failure is a new site that encourages donors and funders to share their failures in global development. There is a new trend in the U.S. philanthropic community to share failures and ensure that they do not happen again. The site encourages transparency, collaboration, and innovation within the development sector.

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