Asian Philanthropy News Digest 03/17/2013

Opportunities and Challenges: Family Philanthropy in China. Nina Zhou writes about three observations at the China Philanthropy Forum event: there is a gap in operational strategy amongst the “first generation” philanthropists; there is a misunderstanding of the potential which China’s Second Generation Rich (Rich2G) can offer this sector; and finally, there is a lack of value placed on the need to establish a clear set of values, mission and goals in order to measure the success of philanthropic behavior.

Gates Foundation’s 2-way Philanthropy in China. The foundation has a new strategy in China. Its goal is to reduce project funding while beefing up research and using Chinese innovations to benefit the world. It is interesting that the China director compares the approach to a venture capital firm.

Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility Evolving Further. The author looks at the changes in CSR. In Hong Kong, many listed corporations are reporting their CSR work in annual reports. However, the author says this is not enough. Corporations must not only report figure but mould the perception of various stakeholders.

Charities Aid Foundation Report on Future Giving. The middle class around the world is projected to grow by 165 percent by 2030. The report aims to estimate the possible extent of charitable giving around the world if governments and the voluntary sector were to harness the potential of the huge expansion of the middle classes.

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