Asian Philanthropy News Digest 4/6/10

*  I-bankers rush to welfare street. Article in The Times of India featuring bankers leaving the for-profit world and using their skills to help the underprivileged.

Increasing corporate responsibility awareness. Bursa Malaysia will establish an environmental, social and Governance (ESG) Index to attract investors with increasing awareness of corporate responsibility. Marcus Evans will be holding Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability 2010 conference on June 21 and 22 in Malaysia.

* Microfinance advisor firm Unitus Capital strengthens management. Narayan Ramachandran joins Unitus Capital as Co-Chairman and Terry Alan Ferris is the new CEO. Ramachandran was formerly the CEO and Country Head of Morgan Stanley India. Ferris was Head of Philanthropy of UBS Asia.

* To prevent human trafficking, Cambodia bans international marriages to Koreans. Interesting article on The Asia Foundation’s blog, In Asia, about the Cambodia’s new law to ban international marriages to Koreans in order to prevent trafficking of Cambodian women. Brokered marriages are banned but love matches are allowed. The blog cites the inhuman treatment of women during “marriage-tours” arranged by brokers. They arrange up to 300 Cambodian women for a single Korean client. Currently, “60 percent of all international marriages in Cambodia are with Korean men.”