Asian Philanthropy News Digest 07/05/2011

An Online Scandal Underscores Chinese Distrust of State Charities. The Chinese Red Cross is scrutinized and scandals increase the distrust of charities. Perhaps a positive outcome is that public pressure will encourage charities to be more transparent – even government affiliated ones.

UBS Enlists Chimp Expert Goodall to Teach Wealthy Children. Goodall spoke to children of UBS’s private banking clients in Singapore about conservation and philanthropy. The wealth of high-net worth individuals in the Asia Pacific region is increasing and banks are competing for their services with events like these. An interesting quote from the head of Credit Suisse Private Banking in Asia: “Philanthropy habits in APAC are slowly mirroring Western trends. Geographic beneficiaries of Asian philanthropy are shifting and are now often global.”

Nilekanis Donate Rs. 50 Crore to Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). Nandan and Rohini Nilekani donated the funds because it was a “convergence of both of our interests in education, urbanization and sustainability.”

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