Asian Philanthropy News Digest 08/25/09

* The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is starting a Mater’s program in philanthropy.  20 students will be admitted and will be trained to work for the “destitute, orphans, streetchildren, social outcase, leprosy-affected and physically challenged.”

* China Philanthropy blog has a great post about Chinese fundraising capability and Chinese NGOs use of the internet.  Western NGOs in China have done slightly better in fundraising than organizations in eastern China.  Those in central China are the worst of the three.

* Want to be Australia’s first Chair of Social Investment and Philanthropy?  The Truby and Florence Williams Chair of Social Investment and Philanthropy continues to build upon Swinburne’s Asia Pacific Centre for Social Investment and Philanthropy’s commitment to social investment throughout Asia Pacific.

* Simplified match-making for nonprofits and donors: Philanthropy Australia launched Project Pool, a new database that allows donors to access projects in which much of the due diligence has already been done.  In order to access the site though, you must join as a member and pay a fee (AUS$500). Maybe U.S. community foundations should look at this model?

* Gabriel Chong over at CSR Asia writes about his observations on the state of CSR understanding in Malaysia.  Currently: (1) corporate philanthropy equates to CSR; (2) Knowledge of CSR is superficial; (3) Companies under pressure do better CSR; and (4) Partnerships lack direction and measurement.