Asian Philanthropy News Digest 10/06/2011

This news digest includes the stories of three U.S. based, philanthropic advisory groups focused on India. Is there a market need for U.S. groups to be exporting philanthropic service to India? Check out the catchy phrases that they are using (highlighted for readers).

* FSG Advisors will be publishing a report on catalytic philanthropy practices in India with the Center for Emerging Market Solutions at the Indian School of Business. FSG opened their Mumbai offices a year ago. Lalitha Vaidyanathan, FSG’s Mumbai Managing Director writes in a blog post.Indian philanthropy needs to be laser-focused on those key interventions that can effect large-scale change at the systems level – in other words, they need to be highly Catalytic. 

* TPI’s blog has a post featuring Dr. Rajesh Tandon, Founder and President of the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA). Dr. Tandon spoke at “Philanthropy and Social Change in India,” an event sponsored by New England International Donors and TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy. He writes about how significant impacts in social transformation in India have been achieved through transformative philanthropy.

* Global Philanthropy Forum and American India Foundation have teamed up to introduce 10-15 donors and social investors to a range of philanthropic strategies and well vetted non-profits and social enterprises, or in other words, a donor trip in January 2012. The India: Philanthropy and Social Change trip costs $9,750. Download the agenda here. 


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