Asian Philanthropy News Digest 12/29/2010

Noshir Dadrawala, Chief Executive of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy is speaking as a panelist at the event, Making Philanthropy Easy, Essential and Effective, in Mumbai on January 4th. I have the highest respect for Noshir’s work and encourage you to attend if you are in town. The event is hosted by The American Center and Samhita. Noshir H. Dadrawala has written several resource books and is also the regional contributing editor of the ‘International Journal on Non-profit Law’.

New CSR law in India. There was some buzz several months ago about a proposed bill that would require corporations to spend 2% of their profit on social causes. The government has watered down this proposed bill by not mandating corporations to spend 2% but only that they have a policy that targets to spend 2% of its profits on CSR activities. The bill does require though that the corporation give details of the money it has spent on CSR in its annual report.

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