Asian Philanthropy News Digest 6/1/10

Some interesting stories from last week:

* The China Charity and Donation Information Center released the 2009 Whole Year Report on Charitable Donations in China (in Chinese). On SVG’s blog, China Philanthropy, Leo summarizes the findings of the report. Some highlights: Total donation size decreased 68.9% from 2008; Overseas Donations only accounted for 14.1% of the total donations (it was 28% in 2007); Individual donations kept rising; and education receives the majority of the gifts.

* Charity a rarity in India Inc. Another article about Bain’s State of Philanthropy and the lack of giving in India. I learned a new fact but I am not sure how public sector is defined or exactly how to use it: The public sector has a policy to give away 2 to 5 percent of profits. The private sector has none.

* The passionate philanthropist: Adi Godrej, Chairman of the Godrej Group. India CSR has a great interview of Adi Godrej and the concept of trusteeship, that is, giving back to society. I say great because Mr. Godrej was very straightforward in his answers. Here is an interesting quote from the article: While the Godrej family believes in philanthropy, the Godrej Group believes in sustainability. Interesting distinction but I think rightly so.

* Hewlett Foundation makes $7.5 million grant to Pratham. Hewlett Foundation made two new grants to Pratham USA, the U.S. affiliate of an Indian nonprofit organization that has improved the reading and math skills of 10 million primary schoolchildren in India. With a $7.5 million infusion, I hope the grants also required specific deliverables and a method to evaluate the project’s success.

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