Asian Philanthropy News Digest 07/08/2010

* An NGO for Every 400 People in India. A recent study found that there are 3.3 million NGOs in India. In relative terms, that is one NGO for 400 Indians. That seems like a lot of NGOs in one country. I wonder if there are many organizations overlapping in service areas? It seems as if there are many opportunities for NGOs to look at how effective they are and the impact of their work.

* Irrelevant? Re-focus like Unitus. Earlier this week, micro-finance group, Unitus, announced that it will “release” its 40 member staff in Seattle, Bangalore and Nairobi. The remaining assets will be directed into the new, re-invented organization. There are many questions as to why they made such a dramatic decision, especially with a relatively new CEO. I wrote about the need for organizations to recognize when it is no longer relevant and thus make the difficult, but thoughtful decision to re-organize and re-focus itself.


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