Asian Philanthropy News 12/26/08

*  A MasterCard survey of 6,019 people across 14 countries found that Indonesia was the most charitable country with 88.3% of consumers planning to make donations.  New Zealand came in second and Australia (66%) came in third in the Asia/Pacific region.

*  GE Foundation announced a one-year $225,000 grant to the US-Vietnam Trade Council Education Forum and STAR Vietnam to enhance its work to improve the rule of law in Vietnam.  The program will focus on transparency and public participation in the law and rule making process which will strengthen rule of law and should lead to increased economic development and growth.

* Acumen Fund, a global venture capital fund that invests in sustainable, scalable businesses that provide affordable water, housing, health and energy services who earn less than $4 a day announced four new investments in Pakistan.  As of June 30, 2008, Acumen Fund Pakistan’s portfolio totaled $6.4 million in committed investments in enterprises focusing on drip irrigation, micro insurance, housing, peri-urban health clinics and other critical needs.