Asia’s Challenge 2020 Essay Prize

The Asia Business Council conducts research on issues that are important to Asia’s future, and where appropriate, takes needed action. The Council is partnering with TIME and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at National University of Singapore to host the competition, “Asia’s Challenge 2020”.

Asian nationals under the age of 32 are asked to answer the question: What is the most important challenge facing Asia over the next decade? Why? What should be done about it?

The best answer in 3,000 words or less will win a prize of S$2,500 and the winning article will be posted on The main purpose of the essay prize is to generate fresh ideas for tackling key challenges to Asia’s continued competitiveness and development, as well as encourage young professionals to make an impact on public policy and business in Asia. The deadline is Aug 31. Download LKY AsiaChallengeEssay-1

For readers over the age limit and do not qualify (like me), how would you answer the question?

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