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A Deeper Look at Online Giving Trends

A new online survey compares international and domestic giving, advocacy, and marketing tools. Overall online giving for international groups declined but gifts continue to increase as online social media presence grows.

Going to the AVPN Conference 2015?

The AVPN Conference 2015 will promote shared learning, best practices and active networking across diverse sectors to build a vibrant and high impact venture philanthropy community in Asia.

Upcoming Philanthropy in Asia Summit

The Philanthropy in Asia Summit in Singapore this year seeks to mobilize the new wave of Asian philanthropic leadership. Will you join us at the event?

Let’s Talk About Giving Circles in Asia

The findings of a new study that looked at 35 giving circles across 8 Asian countries will be discussed on May 16 in Singapore. What does the future bode for this grassroots style of giving? Come join the discussion!