Author: Anh Ton

Anh is the community manager at Asian Philanthropy Forum.

International Giving Rebounds after Recession-Year Declines

In the U.S., giving to international affaires organizations in 2013 was strong. In fact, international affaires organizations showed the most fundraising raising growth compared to organizations in other sectors. Did diaspora philanthropy have something to do with it?

How to Build Momentum for Impact Investing

What’s keeping impact investing from being embraced by institutional investors? Is it investor perception, a lack of investment opportunities, or a lack of funding? In the last part of our interview with Asia Community Ventures co-founder Ming Wong, we take a look at what’s holding impact investing back and how to get beyond those barriers.

5 Ways Tech Is Changing Philanthropy

Tech is changing philanthropy. There’s no doubt about that. But how exactly? That was the subject at a recent event hosted by KQED Public Radio, APM Marketplace, and the San Francisco Foundation.