Author: Dien Yuen

Dien S. Yuen is founder and managing director of Kordant Philanthropy Advisors, a social venture firm dedicated to more effective, impactful and joyful philanthropy. As an advocate of donor education and the strengthening of the philanthropic sector in the U.S. and Asia, she speaks at many events and her insights are often quoted in leading publications, including Forbes Asia, New York Times, Family Office Review, San Francisco Business Times and Economist Intelligence Unit reports.

Family Office Providers Focus on Philanthropy

Organizations providing services to family offices have always featured articles and sessions at conferences on philanthropy to their constituents. However, I have been noticing a signifcant increase lately. This may have much to do with the evolving wealth management business in Asia where philanthropy is a becoming a core focus for families.

Sri Lankan Philanthropy Study Coming Soon

The Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA) and the UK-based School of Global Studies of the University of Sussex will be relasing a study on charity, philanthropy and dvelopment in Sri Lanka. The study includes giving in Colombo and Sri Lanka’s diaspora donors.

Global Diaspora Forum: Focus on the Vietnamese Diaspora

Last week, the Second Annual Global Diaspora Forum was held in Washington, DC. The event was hosted by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In her opening remarks, she focused on the Vietnamese diaspora and the work of OneVietnam Network.

Chinese Charities Becoming More Transparent?

China’s philanthropic sector had its share of controversies lately. In an effort to encourage foundations to be more transparent, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued regulations this week requiring foundations to regularly publish detailed reports of their donations and expenditures.

Asia Society Seeking Young Chinese Professionals

Asia Society launched the Zhen Fellows Program which provides opportunities for future leaders from China and the United States to deepen their expertise on the important bilateral relationship within the broader context of Asia.

Philanthropy Slides But Still Big in China

The article, Chinese Philanthropy Slides Nearly a Fifth in 2011, highlights major findings of the Hurun Philanthropy List 2012 – a list of 100 biggest givers in China. On top of the list of biggest givers is Cao Dewang, who gave $580 million, followed by Xu Jiayin with $120 million and Wang Jianlin with $44 million.

For Fun: Philanthropy Jargon Generator

The field of philanthropy needs a bit more humor. What better way to laugh at ourselves than to create silly phrases that no one can decipher? Check out the Philanthropy Jargon Generator.

Wokai Shuts Down: A Setback for Microfinance in China

Casey Wilson, co-founder of Wokai (“I Start”) announced earlier this week that Wokai started the process of winding down and concluding its operations. Started five years ago, the non-profit’s goal was to alleviate poverty in China one loan at a time. They had built a microfinance website that connected contributors with borrowers in China.

The Business of Philanthropic Advising: Influences from the West

The existing philanthropic consulting landscape is still highly immature. However, with the growing interest to participate in philanthropy and the explosion of new wealth being created in Asia, many firms are popping up to meet these opportunities. But the field lacks well-developed business models to sustain or drive growth.