Author: Dien Yuen

Dien S. Yuen is founder and managing director of Kordant Philanthropy Advisors, a social venture firm dedicated to more effective, impactful and joyful philanthropy. As an advocate of donor education and the strengthening of the philanthropic sector in the U.S. and Asia, she speaks at many events and her insights are often quoted in leading publications, including Forbes Asia, New York Times, Family Office Review, San Francisco Business Times and Economist Intelligence Unit reports.

New Law in California Promotes Social Entrepreneurship

California passed a new law today that will support social enterprises. The new laws, AB 361 (Benefit Corporations) and SB 201 (Flexible Purpose Corporations) provides two additional forms of legal entities to consider for entrepreneurs wishing to create social enterprises.

Golden Bridges: China NPO Weibo Digest (August)

Golden Bridges Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit founded by Holly Chang, publishes the “China NPO Weibo Digest” each month. Weibo is a Chinese micro-blog and Holly’s team sifts through thousands of reports to curate and translate selected reports to English. The top 10 highlights for August are provided.

Community Foundation Model Broken?

In the U.S., over 700 community foundations administer $31 billion in charitable funds. But is the community foundation model broken or working too well in helping donors with their philanthropic interests?

Melinda Gates and Social Media

Within 21 hours of joining Twitter, Melinda Gates (@melindagates) has 17,876 followers. Why is she twittering? Melinda says on her blog post: There is not a moment to waste when millions of people’s lives and futures are at stake.

Quick Look at the Fundraising Field in the U.S.

We receive many email requests asking about funding sources and how organizations can raise their much needed funds. While we have limited experience in how to fundraise in all the Asian countries, perhaps best practices in the U.S. fundraising field can be tweaked to fit the local situation.