Author: Dien Yuen

Dien S. Yuen is founder and managing director of Kordant Philanthropy Advisors, a social venture firm dedicated to more effective, impactful and joyful philanthropy. As an advocate of donor education and the strengthening of the philanthropic sector in the U.S. and Asia, she speaks at many events and her insights are often quoted in leading publications, including Forbes Asia, New York Times, Family Office Review, San Francisco Business Times and Economist Intelligence Unit reports.

Golden Bridges: China NPO Weibo Digest (July)

Golden Bridges Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit founded by Holly Chang, publishes the “China NPO Weibo Digest” each month. Weibo is a Chinese micro-blog and Holly’s team sifts through thousands of reports to curate and translate selected reports to English. The top 10 highlights for July are provided.

A Look at the Civil Society Organizations in Nepal

The International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law has an article by Uttam Uprety titled, A Reflection on the Legal Framework for Civil Society in Nepal, that provides a good overview of the sector. Despite the growth of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Nepal, the sector still faces many challenges.

New Indian Donor Association

In June, the Centre for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Samhita organized the Philanthropy Leadership Confluence in Mumbai to explore setting up a network or association of donors. The meeting included grantmakers, private wealth individuals and philanthropy support organizations.

Give2Asia CEO Reports on Japan Trip

Barnett F. Baron, CEO of Give2Asia, traveled to Japan in June. The following is re-posted from Give2Asia’s blog. For 10 days in mid-June, Barnett Baron and Gillian Yeoh, visited Iwate and Miyagi prefectures in Tohoku, the northeastern area devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. They report on what they learned and the next steps for philanthropy.

Enabling Indian Diaspora Philanthropy

Give2Asia released a new report that looks at the challenges and trends of diaspora donors giving to India. Over $2.3 billion was received by some 12,400 non- governmental organizations in India from overseas sources in 2008-09, an increase of nearly 12% over the previous year. Of this, nearly $740 million came from the United States alone, making it the single largest contributor.

A Play on Logic Models

The Nonprofit Quarterly featured this map as a spoof to showcase how logic models work. In today’s conversation about the need to include some version of model for creating change in grant proposals, I thought our readers would be amused with this map.