AVPN Conference 2017 in Thailand

The AVPN Conference is coming up on June 7-9 in Thailand!

This year’s theme, “Collaborating for Impact,” features multi-sector partners across Asia that are adopting a blend of funding vehicles to maximize their social impact in the region.

The conference is sold out now but if you are one of the lucky 600+ attending, here are some things to look forward to at the event:

* Launch of the “Landscape of Social Investing in Asia” report: a Toolkit that provides a holistic landscape study of the current Asian philanthropy and social investment market.

* Opening plenary exploring Thai practitioners who are driving impact through various social innovations.

* Keynote speaker Roopa Kudva of Omidyar Network who will share how the organization invests across the returns continuum.

* Several sessions on the use of technology to drive impact: SimplyGiving, Givo, Pass It Forward, etc.

And… don’t forget to check out a number of fringe events that are happening around the AVPN conference.

Want to learn more about AVPN? Check out their new video below:


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