APF at Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Conference: Looking Ahead

The team at Asian Philanthropy Forum is pleased to provide coverage of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network conference in Singapore as a media partner.

MuseumAVPN2013aMany of us who attended AVPN’s inaugural conference in Singapore last month are looking forward to continued progress during this year and to the 2014 conference.  We heard a lot about pioneering, persevering, and possibilities. In a spirit of optimism, aspiration, and maybe a bit of wild enthusiasm, here are a few prognostications, as imagined-headlines, that we might hope to see between now and next year.

  • “Government Enhances Early Learning Policies, Programs. Local Family Foundation’s Leadership Cited”:  Rigorously researched demonstration projects and collaborative approaches funded by a Hong Kong family foundation prompt the government to expand policies and programs in support of early learning opportunities for pre-K children.
  • “Multi-Million Dollar Grants Bolster Asian Philanthropy Knowledge Network”:  A leading funder from Asia steps up to make multi-million dollar, multi-year grants to support three research and knowledge centers in China, India, and Singapore to bolster data collection of the philanthropic sector, conduct research studies, and inform policy and practice.
  • “Foundation Transparency Index, CFC Team Up with Regional Partners”: Basic assurances of philanthropic foundations’ organizational effectiveness become increasingly important amidst public scrutiny.  Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan adopt use of the China Foundation Center’s index; South Asian countries develop analogous index.
  • Disaster Donations Surge, Used Efficiently, Praised”:  In the wake of a major regional disaster, investigations reveal that donations were used properly and efficiently, citing strategic and advance planning of philanthropic foundations, deployment of technology to facilitate reporting, and reliance on well-established networks of partnering organizations.  Government agencies, the public, and micro-bloggers express appreciation.

This post wraps up the APF team’s coverage of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network’s 2013 inaugural conference.  For more, on-line viewing of full sessions is now available at: http://www.avpn2013.com/.   It would be great to see if any of these would-be headlines came true, but even if not, they might inspire us to imagine the possible.  Dien, Andy, Anh, Ann, and I look forward to the next conference in 2014 and to sharing news about the many conversations, commitments, and actions taking place to develop philanthropy in Asia.