AVPN Road Show 2012

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The AVPN Road Show 2012 will travel to Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. You can join venture philanthropy leaders Shaks Ghosh (CEO, Private Equity Foundation) and Ruth Jones (CEO, Social Venture Partners International) and local VP leaders at the seminar where they will show how to put venture philanthropy into practice!

Event and registration details for each city can be found at the following links:

·         Mumbai (15 Oct 2012, 4.30pm) – http://www.avpn.asia/events/58/mumbai

·         Singapore (17 Oct 2012, 3.30pm) – http://www.avpn.asia/events/54/singapore

·         Hong Kong (19 Oct 2012, 2.30pm) – http://www.avpn.asia/events/59/hongkong

·         Tokyo (22 Oct 2012, 3.30pm) – http://www.avpn.asia/events/55/tokyo