Baluchistan Earthquake


On October 29th, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit western Pakistan in the province of Baluchistan.  The tremor triggered landslides that instantly buried hundreds of homes.  The initial earthquake has been followed by as many as 1,000 aftershocks, causing more damage.

Ziarat and Pishin were the two worst-hit areas in Baluchistan. A total of eight villages were badly affected in the Ziarat area while in Pishin four or five villages were moderately affected. 700 families in Ziarat and 100 in Pishin were affected in the quakes.   A total of 6,000 people were displaced in these two areas, and the government has confirmed that 165 people were killed and 297 were injured in Ziarat. Two were dead and 17 others injured in Pishin.

After the Burma cyclone and the China earthquake this year in Asia, are we disaster fatigued?  Or because this earthquake didn’t do THAT much damage that it doesn’t get covered in the news and thus there is not an outpouring of funds?  Or maybe there are few business ties to Pakistan so corporations are not giving?  Where are the donors to Pakistan?

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Photo courtesy of Associated Press