The Rise of the Middle-Class Donor in Hong Kong

Edwin Lee is a Philanthropy Advisor with the WiseGiving unit of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. He provides us with profiles of “middle class donors” and how they pursue impact. Edwin’s article is part of Asian Philanthropy Forum’s “Exploring the Impact of Asian Philanthropy” series.

New Trends in Philanthropy in China

Karla Simon reviews current publications and recommendations for constructively engaging governments, businesses, and families in philanthropy in China. Karla’s post is part of the Asian Philanthropy Forum’s “Exploring the Impact of Asian Philanthropy” series.

31 Philanthropy Guides Now Available in Chinese

Grantcraft and the China Foundation Center have translated 31 philanthropic educational resources into English. Are these documents relevant to Chinese grantmakers? Will they be effective in growing the philanthropic practices of Chinese foundations?

Social Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit in China

The first Social Entrepreneurship and Social Venture Summit was held in Shanghai, China. The event attracted over 260 guests from corporations, NGOs, social enterprises, and academic institutions as well as investors, government officials, and over 20 mainstream media organizations.

Top 20 Emerging UHNW Philanthropists

Wealth-X released a report identifying the top 20 emerging high-net worth philanthropists around the world. The individuals were selected based on their efforts to “emulate forebearers of modern major giving, such as Carnegie and Rockefeller.”

Chinese Charities Becoming More Transparent?

China’s philanthropic sector had its share of controversies lately. In an effort to encourage foundations to be more transparent, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued regulations this week requiring foundations to regularly publish detailed reports of their donations and expenditures.