Hong Kong

A Guide to Social Enterprises in Asia

Social enterprises are a growing phenomenon in Asia. This guide will help you understand what they are, how they function, and how they contribute to social and environmental change in Asia.

How to Build Momentum for Impact Investing

What’s keeping impact investing from being embraced by institutional investors? Is it investor perception, a lack of investment opportunities, or a lack of funding? In the last part of our interview with Asia Community Ventures co-founder Ming Wong, we take a look at what’s holding impact investing back and how to get beyond those barriers.

The Rise of the Middle-Class Donor in Hong Kong

Edwin Lee is a Philanthropy Advisor with the WiseGiving unit of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. He provides us with profiles of “middle class donors” and how they pursue impact. Edwin’s article is part of Asian Philanthropy Forum’s “Exploring the Impact of Asian Philanthropy” series.

Upcoming Conferences & Events in Asia

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Asia Community Ventures, and IIX have conferences coming up. Let us know if you are attending any of these events!