Top 2010 Philanthropy Gifts in India

Philanthropy in India 2010 lists personal gifts made by individuals or through their corporation. Recent major donors include many corporate leaders and a majority of them gave to education causes.

The Giving Pledge: Some Eastern Reflections

While much has been written in the recent past on the growth of wealth in Asia, philanthropic giving by Asians have not made headlines as they have in the west. There was therefore a “wait and watch” on who would respond to the clarion call in China and indeed who would pledge their wealth.

State of Philanthropic Advising in Asia

Alliance Magazine has a special feature on the growth of philanthropic advising in their September issue. As part of that special feature, they contacted people in emerging markets to find out what options were available in their region.

Asia Responds to the Giving Pledge

The world has 1,011 billionaires and 403 are in the U.S. Mainland China has 64 and there are 24 in Hong Kong. Would these billionaires join the Giving Pledge? Why and why not?