Upcoming Conferences & Events in Asia

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Asia Community Ventures, and IIX have conferences coming up. Let us know if you are attending any of these events!

AVPN Road Show 2012

The AVPN Road Show 2012 will travel to Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. You can join venture philanthropy leaders Shaks Ghosh (CEO, Private Equity Foundation) and Ruth Jones (CEO, Social Venture Partners International) and local VP leaders at the seminar where they will show how to put venture philanthropy into practice!

Impact Form: Igniting Capital Markets for Social Good

Asia is leading the growth of social capital markets in part thanks to IIX and Shujog. Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) is the home of Asia’s first private and public platform for social enterprises to raise capital efficiently. Shujog is a nonprofit that is affiliated with IIX to support the work of social enterprises in the form of advocacy, research, and capacity-building.

Chinese Philanthropy in Southeast Asia

The approximately 40 million overseas Chinese make up a significant population of countries outside of China. A recent article provides insight into diaspora giving from Chinese living in Southeast Asia.

State of Philanthropic Advising in Asia

Alliance Magazine has a special feature on the growth of philanthropic advising in their September issue. As part of that special feature, they contacted people in emerging markets to find out what options were available in their region.