United States

2012 Global Diaspora Forum

The theme of this year’s Global Diaspora Forum is “Moving Forward by Giving Back,” and will focus on how the U.S. Government and diaspora communities are partnering to further investment and trade, philanthropy, volunteerism, social innovation, and entrepreneurship in developing and emerging communities around the world.

Asia Society Seeking Young Chinese Professionals

Asia Society launched the Zhen Fellows Program which provides opportunities for future leaders from China and the United States to deepen their expertise on the important bilateral relationship within the broader context of Asia.

One Year after Japan: Mobilizing Giving

Andy Ho shares a presentation as part of an Environmental Grantmakers Association webinar on charitable giving to Japan following the disaster there. Strong people-to-people ties at the grassroots level clearly played an important role in mobilizing Americans to give.

The White House Initiative on AAPI – National Philanthropic Briefing

Over 200 participants for a day-long National Philanthropic Briefing, hosted by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Over 50 foundations were represented, as well as many AAPI community organizations, were brought together to discuss with government agency officials about the needs in the AAPI community and population.

For Fun: Philanthropy Jargon Generator

The field of philanthropy needs a bit more humor. What better way to laugh at ourselves than to create silly phrases that no one can decipher? Check out the Philanthropy Jargon Generator.

Wokai Shuts Down: A Setback for Microfinance in China

Casey Wilson, co-founder of Wokai (“I Start”) announced earlier this week that Wokai started the process of winding down and concluding its operations. Started five years ago, the non-profit’s goal was to alleviate poverty in China one loan at a time. They had built a microfinance website that connected contributors with borrowers in China.

The Business of Philanthropic Advising: Influences from the West

The existing philanthropic consulting landscape is still highly immature. However, with the growing interest to participate in philanthropy and the explosion of new wealth being created in Asia, many firms are popping up to meet these opportunities. But the field lacks well-developed business models to sustain or drive growth.