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Enabling Indian Diaspora Philanthropy

Give2Asia released a new report that looks at the challenges and trends of diaspora donors giving to India. Over $2.3 billion was received by some 12,400 non- governmental organizations in India from overseas sources in 2008-09, an increase of nearly 12% over the previous year. Of this, nearly $740 million came from the United States alone, making it the single largest contributor.

A Play on Logic Models

The Nonprofit Quarterly featured this map as a spoof to showcase how logic models work. In today’s conversation about the need to include some version of model for creating change in grant proposals, I thought our readers would be amused with this map.

COF Annual Conference: Philanthropy in China

Dien Yuen moderated a session on the growth of philanthropy in China at the Council’s Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Along with C. Y. Yeung of Intel China and Grace Chiang of Social Venture Group, we explored the theme of philanthropy in China.

Adding to the Confusion of “Minority Donors”

We get excited when we see articles or hear about those covering the philanthropic giving of Asian American donors. Until, of course, we find that the article or speech is horribly confusing, inaccurate, or a regurgitation of previous research.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Response

Many organizations are working on Japan’s disaster relief efforts by creating vehicles to collect funds to benefit survivors. Immediate relief efforts are important and necessary and the American Red Cross is doing the bulk of this work. In all disasters, I find that medium and long-term support is critical and usually missing from the conversation.

Report Says Korean American Philanthropy on the Rise

Give2Asia’s new report, “Korean American Philanthropy: Traditions, Trends, and Potential,” shares encouraging findings and calls for future research on the subject of Korean American philanthropy. The report looks at the immigration patterns and how it affects the accumulation of wealth for Korean Americans.

US Philanthropic Response to Australia’s Floods: Quiet

I find it interesting that in the U.S., there is very little media coverage about the flooding in Brisbane from the philanthropic community. I’ve been monitoring the responses and so far, barely a handful of blog articles or tweets have surfaced.