U.S. – Vietnamese Social Networks

James H. Bao, co-founder of the OneVietnam Network generated a list of US Vietnamese Social Networks on their blog, Vietnam Talking Points. James found five networks and he provides a summary of their work.

Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts in Asia: All Types of Donors Wanted

Southeast Asia has been hit horribly by a series of tragic events. The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Western Sumatra… these were already countries with high rates of poverty. There are many, many generous donors – individuals, corporations, families, friends – that want to help. Like all disasters, we encourage donors to think about immediate relief and also long term recovery.

Food Insecurity in Asia

Through 2007 and 2008, as the financial crisis was unfolding in the U.S., a food crisis was raging through most of the developing world – especially in Asia. Rapid increases and decreases in food prices across the developing world exacerbates the plight of communities that are already suffering from poverty and hunger. Hunger persists in Asia – even in China, India and Vietnam – countries that have already been experiencing unprecedented rapid economic growth over the past decade. What is philanthropy’s role?

From Vietnam: Improving Internet Access, One Village at a Time

Dinh Kieu Nhung is The Asia Foundation’s Office Manager in Vietnam where she also manages projects that focus on human resources capacity building. She writes on The Asia Foundation’s blog In Asia, about her recent trip in three provinces in Vietnam to collect data on how to expand internet access across Vietnam.

Organizations Addressing Similar Issues in Asia

Nish Bakshi writes about three organizations doing similar work in three different countries. If we introduced them to each other and nurtured them to address their issues on a regional or even global level, could we not dramatically improve the number of lives they touch so much more effectively?