Ideas & Insight

How to Stage a Medical Intervention in a War-Torn Country

It takes a lot of grit and compassion to want to stage a medical intervention in a war-torn country like Myanmar. Community Partners International has been doing it for nearly two decades. Here are a few things they’ve learned along the way.

What’s Next for Women’s Health?

The focus on reproductive health may not be enough. We need to re-tailor the plan to improve women’s health based on changing demographics and epidemiological pressure points.

How Chinese Americans Give

Two new studies provide details into how Chinese Americans give and how to better engage Chinese American philanthropists.

The Cruel Economics of Human Trafficking in India

Human trafficking is foremost a moral issue, but its continued existence is also disturbingly supported by market forces. This report from the Indian strategic philanthropy foundation Dasra examines the supply and demand sides of human sex trafficking in India.