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5 Ways Tech Is Changing Philanthropy

Tech is changing philanthropy. There’s no doubt about that. But how exactly? That was the subject at a recent event hosted by KQED Public Radio, APM Marketplace, and the San Francisco Foundation.

Mapping the Future, One Frugal Innovation at a Time

In our technology-obsessed society, it’s easy to forget that some of the most meaningful innovations can have humble beginnings. One organization in particular is working to make us all more aware of the “frugal innovations” that are transforming lives in the developing world.

31 Philanthropy Guides Now Available in Chinese

Grantcraft and the China Foundation Center have translated 31 philanthropic educational resources into English. Are these documents relevant to Chinese grantmakers? Will they be effective in growing the philanthropic practices of Chinese foundations?

Wokai Shuts Down: A Setback for Microfinance in China

Casey Wilson, co-founder of Wokai (“I Start”) announced earlier this week that Wokai started the process of winding down and concluding its operations. Started five years ago, the non-profit’s goal was to alleviate poverty in China one loan at a time. They had built a microfinance website that connected contributors with borrowers in China.