Chinese Charities Becoming More Transparent?

China’s philanthropic sector had its share of controversies lately. In an effort to encourage foundations to be more transparent, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued regulations this week requiring foundations to regularly publish detailed reports of their donations and expenditures. The regulations acknowledged the right of donors to know how donated funds are spent and foundations must “give truthful and timely answers.”

In the Global Times report, representatives from the Jet Li One Foundation and the Narada Foundation believe these regulations will move the field forward.

With charitable foundations numbering 2,500 in 2011, I wonder how the Ministry intends to enforce these regulations and what the penalties look like.

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  1. John Coxon says:

    Transparency within not-for-profit organisations goes to the core of credibility. When stakeholders have confidence in a foundation or charitable organisation they are more likely to become donors or sponsors, to form partnerships and even become employees or volunteers. Transparency forces nonprofit organisations to operate in a professional manner.

  2. Rafinha says:

    Thanks for sharing your inieevtrw with Jan. It was so nice to put her voice to her picture, and to her great work with Blue Avocado. I enjoy reading it whenever it lands in my email box – particularly the delightful 2 minute vacations. They’ve rescued me from a crappy day more than once!As consultants, we often meet community benefit organizations where ensuring tight management systems has overshadowed – and in many cases, obscured – the board’s responsibility for ensuring meaningful relationships between the organization and the community in which it exists. I believe it fits in the category called “not seeing the forest for the trees”. For me, it is the key reason why I have such zeal for the analysis that Jan and yourself and others such as Rich Harwood are encouraging. It makes me redouble my efforts to help boards recognize the value of connecting the organization’s vision/mission to the conditions in the community that they wish to address. And it makes me feel inspired by those who are willing to take the risk that by connecting to their community, they will actually becomes stronger organizations in the long run.Again, thanks for recording such a helpful and inspiring dialogue.

  3. as explained here

    Chinese Charities Becoming More Transparent? – Asian Philanthropy Forum

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