Chinese Philanthropy Resources in English

Helen of Helen’s Exploring Journey reviewed five websites on Chinese philanthropy in English. I am so pleased to see Asian Philanthropy Forum included as a resource. I knew that there are very few resources on Chinese philanthropy in the web-sphere but I didn’t realize how popular we were.

I think Helen’s post is worth a read if you are interested in the sector. The post is not just a listing but an actual analysis of data on content focus and curation model (yes, with graphs too!). Helen also provides some insight on the useful of each site. For Asian Philanthropy Forum, she writes:

Having first-hand working experiences at Give2Asia, Ms. Dien S. Yuen really adds value by providing insights and sharing experiences. Practitioners may find her blogs highly relevant. Besides writing blogs, she provided good resources on several branches in the philanthropic field: corporate philanthropy, diaspora Philanthropy, social enterprise etc.., with references on research, reports and organizations. I also like the sense of connection Ms.Yuen has demonstrated through her blogs.

Why thank you, Helen! It feels good to know that my experience and perspective is valued!

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  1. Helen Li says:

    Hi, Dien, yes, I’m a subscriber to your RSS feed, so guess you won’t be surprised that I saw this post right away.
    You have indeed added value to this space, and please keep up the good work!

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