Continuing the conversation: APPC & beyond

After a successful APPC (Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium) Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam this May, many of us left wondering how our conversations could continue.  Many new and old friends, from Pakistan to Australia, were sharing stories and facing similar challenges in their work.  It occurred to me that we were ready to take on the challenge of Giving 2.0, that is, using technology to transform philanthropy in our communities here in Asia.

Philanthropists and social change leaders focused on the Asia Pacific region are closely linked and interdependent. Philanthropists are seeking accountable and innovative organizations and programs to support and fund; NGOs and social entrepreneurs are looking for investments from philanthropists with which to start, expand or sustain their programs.

The circulation of ideas, knowledge and stories among donors and grantees must be increased, harnessed and shared with others. This virtuous circle of ideas, impact, lessons, and perspectives is how our community learns from and strengthens itself – ultimately empowering us to influence the world, as we want it to be. This is the purpose of the Asian Philanthropy Forum and we encourage you to join us in this exchange.