CSR Degree in Asia Now Available

2475149762_a1aae0c22dAs corporations are getting more involved with their communities, many executives are asking how they can prepare their managers with the professional competencies and skills in the field of sustainable development and CSR. In response to this growing trend, CSR Asia, in partnership with the School of Management of the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, is launching a new executive-style, professional Master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is exciting because it is the first type of its kind in Asia.

The MCSR degree comprises of eight intensive four-day modules, an action research based project and a special study project. The modules can be taken in any order and will be delivered at least once per year. The flexible curriculum allows executives to obtain the degree while balancing a demanding job.

It is interesting to see degrees like this sprouting up in Asia. In the U.S., we have degrees in non-profit management, certifications for non-profit executives, and designations like the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy. As the field becomes more mature, I am sure that there will be more degrees and designations in the field of non-profit management, philanthropy, CSR, etc. for practitioners in Asia.

Photo courtesy of clevercupcakes, Flickr, Creative Commons