Forbes’ Billion Dollar Givers

by Dien Yuen

Big philanthropy is on everyone’s radar again when George Lucas announced that he would give away the majority of $4.05 billion to charity. The proceeds are from the sale of Lucasfilms from billionaire George Lucas to Walt Disney Company.

Today, Forbes released a list of 23 billion dollar philanthropists. While there could have been more individuals on the list, Forbes only counted gifts that “have been irrevocably transferred, valued at the time each gift was made, toward each individual’s total lifetime giving figure.”

Many of the irrevocable gifts were made to the givers’ own private foundations and then re-gifted to causes. Education, medical research and healh-related are common themes.

Two of the 23 billion dollar philanthropists are from Asia. Azim Premji, from India, has made a total of $2.1 billion in donations (his net worth is $15.9 billion). Li Ka-shing, from Hong Kong, has gifted a total of $1.65 billion ($40 million to a new medical education building at the University of Claifornia).His net worth is $25.5 billion.