Golden Bridges: China NPO Weibo Digest (August)

Golden Bridges Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit founded by Holly Chang, publishes the “China NPO Weibo Digest” each month. Weibo is a Chinese micro-blog and Holly’s team sifts through thousands of reports to curate and translate selected reports to English. Below are the top 10 highlights for August:

1.     Corruption charges continue to rock charity sector as China Charity Foundation is suspected of issuing tens of millions worth of tax deductable invoices without actually receiving those amounts in donations. 08/05/2011

2.     Netizens react when Director of China-Africa Hope Project Lu Xingyu is discovered to bea “rich second generation” 24-year-old, nicknamed “Guo Meimei II”. 08/18/2011

3.     Youchange Foundation and French NGO PlaNet Finance sign cooperation memorandum to alleviate poverty through microfinance and social innovation. 08/04/2011

4.     Central government reportedly allocates 4.568 billion yuan to address problem of education access for migrant children, awarding provinces that do a good job to ensure equal access to compulsory education for migrant workers children. 08/4/2011

5.     Roots & Shoots Beijing Office launches “No Shark Fin Project” in partnership with Humane Society International to raise awareness and stop shark fin consumption in China. 08/05/2011

6.     Beijing Marathon launches “Run for Charity” campaign for the first time, providing participating charities with dedicated pages on the official website of the Beijing Marathon. 08/09/2011

7.     Beijing announces shorten the NGO approval process to ten days to support the sector’s development, experimenting with direct registration with MOCA. 08/10/2011

8.     Former Miss Hong Kong Guang Meiyun donates 9.6 million yuan to China Red Cross, the first substantial donation since Guo Meimei controversy, to build 20 recovery-physiotherapy centers and purchase medical equipment. 08/13/2011

9.     After a three-day workshop at the East West Center in Hawaii, philanthropy leaders under guidance of Xu Yongguang establish a US-China Philanthropy Platform with three rotating host universities (Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University and Beijing Normal University) and Wang Zhenyao as the first Secretary-General of the platform. 08/18/2011

10.  Dr. Huang Jianming, former Autodesk, Inc. Global VP, joins Canyou Group as its new President with a monthly salary of one yuan. 08/24/2011

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