Golden Bridges: China NPO Weibo Digest (October)

Golden Bridges Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit founded by Holly Chang, publishes the “China NPO Weibo Digest” each month. Weibo is a Chinese micro-blog and Holly’s team sifts through thousands of reports to curate and translate selected reports to English. Below are the top 10 highlights for October:

1. Unlawful money-making by nonprofits such as in Lu Meimei case has attracted attention of senior government officials. Tough regulations are expected. According to officials at the NGO Administration of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Chinese NGOs in general operate in compliance with state laws and regulations, but there are some social organizations which engage in improper practices to obtain illegal financial gains in their daily operation. 10/1/2011

2. Kashgar Canyou of Canyou social enterprise group forms unique partnership with Chinese army in Kashgar, receives sports equipment and clothes 10/09/2011

3. Xu Yongguang leads group of 13 on field trip to Yellow River valley in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as part of government-established program to promote private “social innovation” to solve social problems in Ningxia. 10/11/2011

4. GE Healthcare China organizes 100 people in pink to perform public flash mob led by famous singer Ai Dai, dancing for unsuspecting shoppers in Sanlitun SOHO in Beijing to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention. 10/11/2011

5. Even after government host requirements removed, NGOs like “Lighthouse Program” seeking registration still rejected by civil affairs department for other reasons, like having “improper name.” 10/12/2011

6. Guangdong Province reported by Southern Metropolis to be leading the way in reforming management of social organizations, lowering threshold for NGO registration and promoting autonomy and marketization of NGOs 10/14/2011

7. Guo Meimei scandal has reportedly decreased donations to Beijing foundations by over 10 percent, according to MOCA official.10/14/2011

8. Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology (SEE) held leadership elections on 10/21/2011, marking its seventh year as a nonprofit in China adhering to strict democratic governance standards. 10/21/2011

9. Guangdong Province passes new fundraising regulations, allowing private charities and individuals to carry out fundraising activities. 10/28/2011

10. New Charity Law has been included in 2011 legislative plan of China State Council, but practitioners lament it has “already been promised many times but never delivered”.10/31/2011

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