Golden Bridges: China NPO Weibo Digest (September)

Golden Bridges Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit founded by Holly Chang, publishes the “China NPO Weibo Digest” each month. Weibo is a Chinese micro-blog and Holly’s team sifts through thousands of reports to curate and translate selected reports to English. Below are the top 10 highlights for September:

1. Global Fund AIDS project to lift China grant freeze at end of month, may allow grassroots NGOs to apply directly for funding, ending monopoly of aid to government agencies 09/01/2011

2. Henan Soong Ching Ling Foundation admits to lending 1 billion yuan in donated funds to companies and real estate investments belonging to key government officials. 09/01/2011

3. Grassroots NGO Compassion for Migrant Children converts shipping containers into community centers for children of migrant workers on the outskirts of Beijing. 09/02/2011

4. China Charities Aid Foundation for Children tests out “grant path” launching 20-million-yuan program to make grants to grassroots NGOs who assist orphans & street children. 09/06/2011

5. Tencent, Southern Metropolis Daily & China Fortune launch new initiative to organize volunteers to undergo charitable tax deduction process to test the implementation of tax-deduction policy in China.09/08/2011

6. Dandelion Project holds “Music and Lyrics” charity concert on Sept 17, raising over 1 million RMB to support Dandelion Middle School for migrant children and Lhasa Maternity and Child Health Association09/18/2011

7. Chen Guangbiao smashes Mercedes Benz in public and gives out over 200 bicycles to employees as stunt to promote low carbon transport 09/19/2011

8. One Foundation responds as downpours and floods starting Sept.1 affect over 6 million people in 9 Chinese provinces; Over 100,000 houses have collapsed and over 1.5 million people evacuated this month.09/21/2011

9. Chinese ‘eco-warrior’ Ma Jun meets with US Apple executives, reaching agreement to organize major forum on environmental management of supply chains. 09/27/2011

10. Shenzhen blood bank supply runs low this month, Red Cross staff attributes scarcity to Guo Meimei scandal09/31/2011

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