Impact Form: Igniting Capital Markets for Social Good

Shujog-logoAsia is leading the growth of social capital markets in part thanks to IIX and Shujog. Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) is the home of Asia’s first private and public platform for social enterprises to raise capital efficiently. Shujog is a nonprofit that is affiliated with IIX to support the work of social enterprises in the form of advocacy, research, and capacity-building. Together, these two groups are not only creating a space for social enterprises to grow and mature in Asia.

IIX and Shujog are hosting the Impact Forum 2012 in Singapore, to be held June 25-26.

The theme of this year’s Forum is Igniting Capital Markets for Social Good, and the Forum will serve as a major platform to promote dialogue and action to propel the impact investment, social enterprise and social capital markets space forward. The Forum will focus on the innovations taking place in Asia for these fast-changing spaces, especially delving into the resulting sustainable social, environmental, and financial development.

Panel discussions will comprehensively cover the roles of impact investors, social enterprises, and ecosystem players in creating sustainable and scalable growth throughout Asia, addressing some of the largest social and environmental challenges that face the world today.

You can learn more about the event here.

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