Organizations Addressing Similar Issues in Asia


by Nishita Bakshi

In Asia, there are many similar development issues that affect the region and its people.  Unfortunately, many do not know of the programs other groups are working on or realize that similar groups like theirs exist.  Often these organizations, spread all over Asia, can gain and improve their work, perhaps even collectively raise funds, if they could share experiences, stories and information.  New engaging issues or solutions such as microfinance now have platforms for such exchanges while there are more basic development issues which do not have similar opportunities.

In my work at Give2Asia, I am able to interact with many organizations all over Asia.  Recently, I came across three organizations doing similar work in three different countries.  If we introduced them to each other and nurtured them to address their issues on a regional or even global level, could we not dramatically improve the number of lives they touch so much more effectively?

Life saving heart surgeries for impoverished children

It is estimated that one of every 100 children is born with a heart defect, and of those nearly one-third need corrective surgery.  Children’s Hope in China, Child’s Dream in Thailand, and East Meets West Foundation in Vietnam help provide access to life saving heart surgeries to children from underpriviledged backgrounds.  You can read about these organizations and the donors who are supporting their programs at the Give2Asia Forum.

Photo courtesy of Give2Asia: Liu Da lives in Henan Province, close to the Yellow River.  Liu Da was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was 8 months old.  Children’s Hope covered the entire fee for his surgery and he is now completely recovered.