Asian Philanthropy News Digest 11/14/2009

* FYSE announced the selection of 100 young entrepreneurs and social Changemakers. To inspire more young people FYSE will profile Paragon fellows widely through an extensive network of more than 50 partners in Asia Pacific and multiple online channels as positive role models in order to inspire more young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice.

* Bangladesh Corporate Blog has a post about the new Bangladesh Diaspora Project.  The Bangladesh Enterprise Institute in partnership with Asian Tiger Capital Partners (AT Capital) has initiated a year long project on establishing an effective Bangladesh Diaspora network for economic transformation of Bangladesh.

* China Philanthropy blog announced the latest issue of Social Venture Group’s newsletter.  It contains the latest news from China’s growing grassroots nonprofit sector, including stories on building migrant communities in Beijing, elderly care in Shanghai, a technology social enterprise for Western China, 2009 giving trends in China, and much much more.

* Erica from blogs about a new form of environmental ethics – environmental virtue ethics (EVE).  Erica writes: Aristotle saw moral virtue as a reflection of a certain state of character, rather than our passions or our faculties and it is this kind of virtue – a consistent, repeated, dedicated character to environmental protection that is considered a environmental virtue ethic.