International Corporate Measurement Framework

I am participating in the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy‘s Global Initiative to create an internationally relevant measurement framework for corporate giving. If you have time this weekend, it would be great to get your feedback on the concepts and language of the proposed valuation guidance.

The initial phases of the work included extensive tax, finance, and legal research to understand the areas of consensus and disagreement across nations as to what organization and contribution types are recognized as charitable giving.  There is much confusion and lack of alignment from country to country currently, which makes it difficult to compare, learn from each other, and improve the state of the field.

The current phase requires input from the field to take the project to the next level.  CECP encourages everyone with a stake in tracking and reporting corporate giving to visit the Global Initiative site and submit their feedback. The success of the project relies on feedback from the field.  The public comment period closes on Monday, April 9th!


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