“Is Charity a Smokescreen for Corporate Social Responsibility?” Asks Economist Intelligence Unit in Upcoming Debate

From March 4th-14th, the Economist Intelligence Unit will hold an interactive debate on whether “CSR has nothing to do with charity.”

The Corporations and Communities debate, featuring experts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, will run online moderated by an Economist Intelligence Unit editor. The guest speakers (Margaret Coady, Director, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and Peter Lacy, Managing Director of Sustainability Services, APAC, Accenture) will write opening, rebuttal and closing statements for and against this controversial motion while a variety of expert commentators will post opinions throughout the debate.

Participants will get the chance to weigh in and vote for or against the motion, with the most engaged participants winning a digital subscription to The Economist. Highlights from each debate—including thought-provoking comments from the floor—will be included in a summary published shortly after the voting closes.

Last year, the Economist Intelligence Unit published a great report on the state of philanthropy in Asia (our own Dien Yuen was one of the experts quoted) and we’re glad they are revisiting this important topic once again. Sign up to receive alerts when the debate launches here.

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