Job Opportunities in Asia with VIA Programs

I am a big fan of Volunteers in Asia. VIA provides volunteer opportunities and fellowships in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Volunteers teach English or work with a local non-profit. In addition, VIA brings Asian students from top universities in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China to Stanford where they learn about American culture, public service and healthcare.

VIA is looking to fill several positions including a Senior Asia Programs Director and a China Programs Director.

The Senior Asia Programs Director is responsible for leading the Asia Programs Directors in the development of VIA’s initiatives and coordination of its programs in the Asia Region. The goal of the position is to provide programmatic and operational leadership, coordination, and oversight in developing and implementing programs in Asia that are in line with approved strategic initiatives.

The China Program Director oversees and manages VIA’s long-term volunteer program and summer program in China. Other duties include developing and coordinating Asia Programs policy and working on organization-wide projects. The China Program Director works in close cooperation with the Senior Asia Programs Director, two other Asia Programs Directors, the Executive Director and the Finance Director. The China Program Director supervises 10-15 volunteers each year and an In-Country Representative based in China.

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