On the Frontiers of Chinese Philanthropy

COF Today I had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from the China Foundation Center, based in Beijing. Three executives from the recently formed Center are on a tour of philanthropic foundations and infrastructure organizations in the U.S. to learn about how to best structure the CFC, and stopped by the Council for a half-day visit with Council staff and executives.

Currently the CFC is tracking data for 1,900 Chinese foundations, a number which is increasing, thanks to the burgeoning wealth in China among the high net worth individuals. Many of these are corporate foundations, but more and more there are family foundations as well. It will be very interesting to continue tracking the development of the Center, as it pursues transparency and accountability in the NGO and philanthropic sectors in China.

It was an honor to meet the executives today, and to share their enthusiasm and excitement for the growth of philanthropy in China!

Photo: China Foundation Center delegation meets with the Council on Foundations

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