Opportunities in Asia 04/25/2011

* The International Women’s Media Foundation is offering two women entrepreneurs in the new media sector to join an upcoming class of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women in India. Through 10,000 Women, participants receive a world class education focused on helping entrepreneurs to think big and grow their businesses. Participation of new media women entrepreneurs is an effort to diversify the emerging digital news media landscape by expanding the voice and role of women entrepreneurs.  Limited access to credit and training, coupled with cultural stereotypes and outdated perceptions, threaten women’s full participation as entrepreneurs in the digital news media. Deadline for applications is June 1, 2011.

Applications to participate in Impact Shanghai 2011 is open for entrepreneurs with great ideas on how to solve social or environmental problems. Impact is a business incubator for young, sustainable entrepreneurs dedicated to improving the lives of communities and the environment in developing countries. Impact offers existing and nascent entrepreneurs the opportunity to incubate, refine and enhance their business models with guidance from expert mentors and exposure to seed capital. Impact will take place in Shanghai in September 2011, where the 7-week programme will award entrepreneurs from around the world with the opportunity to live, work, and collaborate in a live-in idea incubation setting.  A guidebook detailing the entire schedule of Impact and the events leading up to the programme are available to download as a PDF.

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