Philanthropy Slides But Still Big in China

The article, Chinese Philanthropy Slides Nearly a Fifth in 2011, highlights major findings of the Hurun Philanthropy List 2012 – a list of 100 biggest givers in China. Some findings from the article are listed below:

* On top of the list of biggest givers is Cao Dewang, who gave $580 million, followed by Xu Jiayin with $120 million and Wang Jianlin with $44 million. Twenty others gave more than $16 million.

* The avergae age of the top 100 was 51 years.

* Ten female philanthropists made the list.

* Universities are the biggest receiver of donations.

* Over a third of philanthropists have charitable foundations.

The report noted that “it is recognized that many low-key Chinese philanthropists who would otherwise have been included on the list have remained untraceable.”

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    Philanthropy Slides But Still Big in China – Asian Philanthropy Forum

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    Philanthropy Slides But Still Big in China – Asian Philanthropy Forum

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