Growing Community of Social Leaders for Asia

The indigenous nonprofit sectors and its leadership is growing rapidly across Asia in countries like China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  These organizations are bringing innovative approaches to bear on systemic and chronic issues such as human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, environmental protection, and other human rights abuses.

More than ever, we needed, and now have a forum to raise awareness about these issues and to support local leaders who are investing heavily in their community’s health and social development.  These unsung community leaders have concrete ideas about how to approach the problems in their own communities and can achieve much with very modest grants.  Their humble and unassuming work does not routinely make the front page of newspapers, or attract the attention of large funders.  But their work creates micro-changes that will eventually reach a tipping point.

Here at Asian Philanthropy Forum, our goal is to enhance the knowledge of donors and funders and improve our collective understanding of Asia and its needs.  We believe this can be achieved by calling attention to local, small scale programs and organizations working in the region.  In addition, we hope to grow a network of experts that donors can turn to for credible information; a place where leaders can share successes and best practices.

The video highlights APPC Diaspora Philanthropy Conference attendee, Asif Saleh and his work with Drishtipat.  Mr. Saleh provided comments on television station, Al Jazeera, regarding the overcrowing of prisions and the background of the political impasse in Bangladesh.

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