Asian Philanthropy News Digest July 17, 2008

Bringing Bangladesh into the internet age (Intl Herald Tribune, Global Ed. of NY Times, 7/9/08). A group of Bangladeshi expatriates tackles the issue of digital divide in Bangladesh where less than 1% of the population has internet access.  Always On Network Bangladesh worked with SOMA Technology in San Francisco to develop a service based on a cellular phone technology called W-CDMA.  The technology is suited to Bangladesh’s conditions of heavy monsoon rains, winter fog and densely packed urban areas.  The company will provide free internet services to schools and will also cover rural areas.  See also: Bangladesh makes internet use free for primary schools.

US NGO eyes private tie for environmental impact (Thanh Nien Daily, 7/8/08). East Meets West Foundation will be seeking cooperation with the private sector to make positive environmental impacts in Vietnam.  The Ford Foundation awarded EMW US$99,000 to develop a pilot action research program to deal with the effects of climate change for the poorest of the poor.  Vietnam ranks fourth on the list of countries most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

Bruce Lee Museum (New York Times, 7/8/08). Real estate tycoon and prominent philanthropist, Yu Panglin will be donating the house where Bruce Lee lived before his death in 1973 for use as a museum.

All shook up: How the earthquake changed China (Newsweek International Edition, 6/30/08). Article describing the winners and losers of the rebuilding efforts, including the emergence of philanthropists who are giving their time and expertise.

Intel launches philanthropic project in China’s Sichuan (the Inquirer, 6/24/08). Intel launched a company sponsored project dubbed “Iworld” to rebuild and restore services in earthquake affected area.  Iworld will set up 200 teched-out ‘e-classrooms’ equipped with Intel Inside computers and super high speed internet connections.  Chipzilla employees, supplemented by Intel Foundation will also donate $6.9 million.