The Nexus Global Youth Summit – Beijing Gathering

Last year I was fortunate to attend the first Nexus Youth Summit in NYC which brought together hundreds of next generation leaders, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. It was energizing and inspiring to see a collective of next generation leaders encouraging one another to pursue philanthropy and change the world.  And the gathering continues to grow.

Now in its next iteration, a gathering will be held in Beijing on July 21-22, 2012.

Nexus Beijing delegates will be a mix of next generation wealth holders and social entrepreneurs. The majority of the delegates will be young wealth-holders families in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Some are active philanthropic leaders or social investors while most are philanthropically or socially-minded individuals interested to further develop their understanding and practice of philanthropy through corporate, professional or personal means. Social entrepreneurs, both experienced civil society leaders and young change-makers, will come from all over China.

Philanthropy as a professional sector and practice is relatively new in China and new philanthropists must navigate a complex and challenging landscape. Recent scandals in the charitable sector around financial transparency and accountability, unclear tax regulations, a watchful media and critical general public are just a few of the challenges. Over the course of the intimate and interactive event, we will address these and many other issues facing young Chinese philanthropists, introduce innovative models of philanthropy and social change as well as showcase exciting philanthropic initiatives and opportunities that exist within China and around the world.

If you’re in China or in Asia and fit the participant profile, I’d strongly encourage you to attend.  For more information contact the Nexus China Coordinator Abbie Jung at or our general email at

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  1. There are many that could care less about being a “next generation leader” but its good to know that there are a few out there like the ones that attended the conference.
    I wasn’t able to attend but I did see highlights from the website.

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